2 Jul 2018

Our Website has moved to

The Brain Dynamics Toolbox website is now hosted on so we can provide online courses for the toolbox. The new site can be found at

12 Jun 2018

Epileptor model of seizure dynamics

The Epileptor model (Jirsa, et. al., 2014) has been added to the toolbox. It describes the dynamics of epileptic seizures characterised by alternating stages of normal neuronal activity and abnormal ictal discharges. Two variants of the model have been included. A deterministic version (Epileptor2014ODE) and a stochastic version (Epileptor2014SDE).

Jirsa, Stacey, Quilichini, Ivanov, Bernard (2014) On the nature of seizure dynamics. Brain 137:8 2210-2230.

10 Jun 2018

Brain Dynamics Toolbox at OHBM 2018

Come and see the Brain Dynamics Toolbox at OHBM in Singapore. Michael Breakspear will be showcasing it as part of the educational course on Time-Varying Connectivity in Resting-State fMRI. 

Sunday 17th June 2018 10:00-10:35.  Michael Breakspear.  Neuronal models of dynamic functional connectivity: Linking scales and data modalities.

21 May 2018

Brain Dynamics Toolbox at ACS-2018

We are looking forward to showcasing the Brain Dynamics Toolbox at the Australian Connectomics School (ACS-2018) in Melbourne on June 1. Registration is now full but stay tuned for the launch of an on-line course for the toolbox sometime in the near future.